Weekly Discoveries #2| Inward Learning

Another week gone by, another seven things learned! I feel this week went more smoothly than the first, but perhaps I’m getting more into the habit of actively learning something new (or remembering what I had learned to write it down!). From exciting news to learning more about myself, it has overall been a great week!



Easter Sunday… I learned some juicy (happy & exciting!) details from my lovely mother… Something to happen in the summer! Sorry, I can’t say more… and I didn’t really learn anything extraordinary today to share with you all—oops! I guess I kind of cheated today.



We all know that people aren’t always going to agree with each other or know how to say it in a way that comes off nicely. And you know what? That’s okay! In the age of the internet & technology, it’s always going to be difficult to interpret how someone says something when it’s not spoken face to face. I learned it’s best to smile and thank them and be extra nice! Even if they did not mean to come off not so nice, it’s best to err on the safe side so as to not make things worse. On the other hand, if that was their point, then you’ve stuck to the positive side. Good for you!


Instagram Tips.jpg

This might not be interesting to most since it’s rather specific to my field of work. I’m in a few different blogging groups which lets me read a multitude of blogs similar to mine or very different. I came across this blog about gaining more Instagram followers. Her tips could apply to a personal account if you choose, but it’s definitely more aligned for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and companies. I’ve managed social media accounts for a variety of different companies and industries, but Instagram is new for me on the professional end. Reading her blog, you’ll learn that managing social media for businesses is extremely different than simply your own personal account. She explains it much more eloquently than I could


Gneiss is a foliated metamorphic rock identified by its bands/layers of various composition. Probably not what you expected for hump day, eh? My brother told me the joke, “Don’t take gneiss for granite!” after I mentioned one of my many dumb first date stories. Long story, but hey, we’re nerds. No shame!


Wine Glass.jpg

After discussing plans with my best friend of what we’re going to do when she comes up to visit, I learned my favorite wine, has a low alcohol content compared to others! Stella Rosa is 5-6% compared to Barefoot Moscato which is 9%. No wonder I liked it so much and thought it tasted like juice!



I received my very first spa facial from Angel Face Skincare this day! It’s a cute little spa in Racine near the south side. I had bought my mom a facial as an early Mother’s Day and birthday gift, and I decided to make this a little mother/daughter outing! It was a really pleasant and relaxing pampering session, but I learned a lot about properly taking care of my skin and what other treatments would benefit me!


Today, I actually stepped outside of my comfort zone and did some acting for a Mother’s Day skit for my parents church! No dialogue, but it was heavy with emotion. I can be pretty dramatic in real life, but the thought of pretending to have real emotions of things I’ve never experienced was a bit nerve wracking. Our director/producer was also our camera guy, I learned quite a bit about film making and angles. He conveyed the emotion really well without me having to cry.


What have you learned this week? Share it with me in the comments section below!



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