Story Time | My Travel-Related Tattoo

Pictures say a thousand words… but what about tattoos? A beautiful piece of artwork that you admire so much to be permanently etched into your skin; I feel that is worth a million. Some tattoos may have a deep meaning or a story connected to them while others are simply (or not so simply I should say) gorgeous pieces of artwork to be admired forever. Mine, as of right now, all have a meaning or even a story behind them.

This story time blog is about tattoo #5.

Travel Related Tattoo

My big dream has always been to travel the world, but the word “Adventure” means so many different things to me. A simple definition of an adventure: an unusual or exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity. I have a few memories that some people would define as hazardous, skydiving for example. To me, an adventure can truly be anything you want it to be. From an experience abroad skiing in the Alps, to a mini road trip to a different city in our state, or even driving around the city chatting with someone in the car. I know I inherited this ideal from my mother: when she was pregnant with me and had cravings, she’d pack my older brother in the car and tell him they were going on an “adventure.” This “adventure” was typically a trip to Wendy’s for curly fries. You catch the drift! If I’m driving with someone and we get lost, it’s automatically an “adventure.” Will we get to our destination? Will be end up at a creepy gas station near a forest with glowing eyes? Who knows!

I chose this specific angle of the Earth because you see North America (where I’m from) and a majority of South America and Europe (where I’d like to go). Everyone always asks me, “What about Asia?” The answer is simple: there is no such thing as a 3D tattoo, and I didn’t want a flattened “map” look of all the different countries. I preferred the look of the globe, and I felt it flowed better.

For the colors, green for land and blues for water is pretty self explanatory. I had the artist throw in some purple where she saw fit to break up the blues and add to depth and the flow. I’ve always been more attracted to cool-toned colors, possibly because my mother always tells me I should grab the blue (insert article of clothing here) because I have blue eyes. I suppose it stuck with me even with tattoos! (Have another tattoo with blue in it and future ones planned with blue and green… thanks mom!)

Share your favorite tattoo with me! Is it a cool design or character, or does it have a deeper meaning behind it?

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